Frequent Asked Questions

  How can I register?

To purchase an NFT,  you have to locate a seller on OPENSEA and place an order. Some NFTs are sold with a fixed price, while others get sold on auctions. To see which of them are available now, head over to the shop.

  What are the benefits?

Each NFT has its own set of unique traits attached to it. Some open special offers for particular hotels, while others offer a full week-long trips. Learn more about each NFT in the shop.

  What is Alfa-Stage and when can you participate in open Beta?

The project is currently in its early alpha stage where the initial design features and algorithm logic is tested. To support our cause, rather than donating funds directly, partner hotels have supplied their services for us to create smart contracts for. Owners of current set will become the initial beta testers and will get the chance to receive various airdrops throughout our journey into 2022.

  How can I get whitelisted?

Right now, the project is in its early stage. As such, we don’t spend a lot of our resources on marketing and promotions. This is why we heavily rely on our community members to generate the initial awareness that we need to keep testing our platform. This is why we reward our dedicated community members by allowing them to participate in various airdrops and events throughout the year. To learn more, head over to our Discord.

  Is it cheaper to buy the services directly from hotel or an online booking agency?

Our tokens are aimed to offer an experience, where a hotel its role. However, many of them offer utilities that go beyond services that a hotel could provide and allow the owner to enjoy recurring privileges. The platform provides method for travelers and travel related service providers to communicate and transact with each other on a decentralized platform. As such, providers can list any service, beyond what a hotel can traditionally offer on a booking website.