Decentralised Autonomous Organisation 


By Nomads Around the world

We create movement. We create life.


Travellers around the world unite to create and nurture a blockchain ecosystem designed and managed by its members, for the benefit every travel enthusiast across the globe. This ecosystem is a space to exchange exclusive goods and services, cultivate global relationships, share experiences and transact without boundaries or borders. Designed by experienced hospitality professionals and guided by executive management of global hotel chains, Nomadao was shaped to be a perfectly tuned platform for both the receiver and the provider of any service, information or item necessary to move and experience a free - Nomadic lifestyle.



Who made NomaDAO


Nomadao in its initial design was intended to be an internal use platform for a select hotels to unite their clientele in a digital space and streamline communication and exchange of goods and services with them. As the development of this tool progressed, various global brand names have expressed a desire to also implement these functionalities on their own and expressed the shared concerns associated to working with centralised parties.


To allow the project to succeed, NomaDAO’s development board decided to move its core functionality onto the blockchain and create a decentralised ecosystem where members could have full control over the future development of the platform. This way, new businesses could integrate onto the platform themselves and utilise the functionality without a middle-man, increasing the transparency and creating a global space for synergy. 





NomaDAO is structured as a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO). This structure enforces a transparent and fair democratic processes when members have to decide on various issues surrounding the management and the development of DAO ecosystem. Furthermore, it is a tool that allows for any global entity to gain access to its membership and help develop the platform.


Any member is able to participate in various processes to govern the platform and that ultimately shape what the DAO looks like. Each member who joins the DAO governance team, has their own authority to act for the benefit of the community. As members become more engaged within these processes, their roles and responsibilities grow but they also receive various benefits for providing necessary inputs. As a result, no one entity or a board of select few has the authority to decide on how the DAO will ultimately shape out.  



How to become a member


NomaDAO membership is determined by ownership of a Nomad Token, a digital non-fungible asset required to interact with various member-only features and functionality of the platform. These Tokens are tradable assets and any wallet can hold it. 


You can obtain a token by purchasing it from another member is willing to sell or by applying for one during the community whitelist events.  



Utilities of a NomaDAO Token


Travel Discounts


Receive 10-20% discount on various services offered in our partner hotels, car rentals, travel agencies, trip managers, entertainment providers, restaurants and more.


Token Cashbacks


Receive up to 10% Token Cash-backs when making purchases with NOM, an internal currency for exchange of goods and services within Nomad ecosystem. 


VIP Services


Benefit from personalised services that are offered only to our community members by member businesses and service providers. Our community is well respected around the globe and each member carries a responsibility to further develop these relationships.


Hotel-Based benefits


Each token can have unique benefits offered to it based on the relationship its current owner has with a particular hotel. These benefits can be perpetual and permanently associated with particular tokens, further boosting its utility value.


Metaverse Booking


Use a traditional booking engine or an advanced 3D Meta-Booker to book your hotels. Meta-Booker allows for a full 3D experience in booking, to make sure you can get the room, floor and view you are counting on. 


Travel Planner


Utilise the mobile/web app to book your travels and thoroughly plan your journeys. Utilising the benefits of your token boosts its benefits and attracts new offers on it. 


Earning opportunities


Receive exclusive deals and opportunities to collaborate with member businesses and expand your revenue streams.





Nomad NFT 1.0

Nomad Non-Fungible Tokens come in 3 different forms: Bronze, Silver and Gold.



Membership NFT

NFT Token Quantity


Whitelist (10%)

Public Sales (90%)

Governance Token per NFT

Governance Tokens

Total Revenue

% distribution





























DAO Governance Token


DAO Governance Tokens represent management voting rights and determine the distribution of DAO profits. The total supply is 200,000 Tokens, from which 80,000 will be spread among the Membership NFT holders. A full token is required to participate in voting, while profit shares get distributed based on fractional shares. 


Decisions surrounding technical updates, addition of new features, adding new collections, selecting designs and making capital investments are all impacted 



NMD Coin


NOM is a digital currency used within Nomadao ecosystem. It can be used as a payment tool when transacting with businesses and other nomads within the DAO community. Minting of a Nomad membership NFT will award the minting wallet NOMs, based on the membership NFT level.


Membership NFT

NFT Token Quantity


NMD Per Token

NMD pool


















Partner Business Token


Partner Business Token is an NFT designed for each partner service provider to allow them to join the platform. Each NFT has its own Scope, and serves as a smart contract that allows the business to operate within the ecosystem and transact with spiffed goods and services. These tokens serve as smart contract that allow businesses to convert their services into digital assets that can be traded within the NomadDAO ecosystem. As a result, bookings made through our system act as a digital contract between the hotel and the owner of the asset, whoever it is at the time of check-in.